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Technology is never a cure,but we can say Technology as a prevention and community idea as cure : Rather hoping for a change we from SANGO believe leaders coming from the society to lead this idea and bring a change.


What we do

Artificial Intelligent System

The AI also asses the necessary surrounding condition to take up suitable solution. Solution may include sending alert signal at the time of attack to pre-selected contacts as well as nearby police station and natives.

Virtual Companion

On the willingness of user, the phone can be enabled to send complete track of GPS location to the preselected contacts. This can be very helpful in knowing the whereabouts of loved one, as well the user can be felt safe while alone throughout the journey.

SANGO - Community

SANGO Community - Usually people want and look for change . Concept of SANGO community is bring up leaders for change and SANGO community connect all other women safety community under one platform . Sango community work on concept to solve the women safety issue at core level.

Our Mission

There is no tool for development more effective than the EMPOVERMENT OF WOMEN

Kofi Annan

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